What Does Quarantine Life in America Look Like? This is California During the Corona Virus Outbreak

I am back! I miss everyone. You guys have been asking me how life in America, particularly in Los Angeles, California, looks like during this Corona Outbreak. So, I am taking you on a walk in the streets of my neighborhood in Koreatown.

Some things to note:
– People generally walk in the sidewalk but I, in more than one occasion, walked on the road because I wanted to avoid people I was going to cross paths with in an effort to keep my 6ft distance
– This was recorded between 5pm and 6pm on a Friday afternoon
– People are allowed to go out of the house and there is no curfew, that’s why you see relatively plenty out and about
– There are no curfews
– The government does not want to call it a quarantine but a “Safer at Home Order”
– It has been extended to April 19 from the original April 1

If you have questions, leave a comment or message me!

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