The Underestimated Athleticism of BTS’ Park Jimin: Badass Moments – Kendo, Taekwondo Blackbelt

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BTS Park Jimin is known for his dancing, singing, and incredible stage presence. But he is not the first in mind when it comes to athleticism. The truth is that Park Jimin is a naturally gifted athlete. There are those who work for their skill, Park Jimin has it naturally.
Great athletes and trainers will tell you how hard work can make you a great athlete but you need to have a combination of natural raw talent and hard work to become a legendary one. Our Park Jimin was blessed to have the raw athleticism. Although, of course, he chose to become an artist and we love him for it. I am convinced, however, that if he chose to become an athlete, he would have been one of the legendary ones. BUT we are happy that he chose to do what he is doing now. He is obviously excelling and, more importantly, happy with his choice.
This is just meant to highlight his athleticism and how humble he is about it. Park Jimin prefers entertaining over competing. In fact, he would often sacrifice guaranteed victories in favor of more comedic moments. He has such a pure heart.
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Jimin is yet to disclose his official rank in Kendo. Based on Kendo’s rules, you have to be at least 14 years old to become 1Shodan which is equivalent to a blackbelt 1st Dan. He never said exactly what age he started practicing Kendo but he did say he practiced it for 7-8 years. I am estimating that if he was at least 14 when he stopped, he would have been AT LEAST 1Shodan. That is just MY ESTIMATE, not confirmed information.

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