THE TRUTH ABOUT Bullied Celebrities Who Died By Suicide: Hana Kimura, Sulli, Jonghyun, Goo Hara

There is something we are getting wrong about this whole situation. Cyberbullying among celebrities have been getting worse are technologies become more sophisticated allowing more people access to contents and facilities to let them talk with the whole world as their audience without taking responsibility on how their words and actions will affect other people.

Goo Hara, Sulli, Jonghyung, and Hana Kimura are just a few of the many celebrities who experienced a great deal of cyber bullying. All of them took their own life.

However, bullying has never been proven to be the single cause of suicide. Reporters and anyone should be careful not to make that direct connection because it is harmful.

Watch the video and learn about how media is sensationalizing bullying and suicide.

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