Ma Dong Seok or Don Lee (Gilgamesh) Had to Make it in Hollywood to Be Recognized in Korea

Get to know the actor playing Gilgamesh in Marvel’s The Eternals, Ma Dong Seok a.k.a. Don Lee. Who is Ma Dong Seok? What are Ma Dong Seok’s best movies?
Also watch Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Arm Wrestling Challenge against Ma Dong Seok . Watch another asian in Hollywood who will soon conquer the Marvel Universe!

The Rock Challenges Ma Dong Seok to an Arm Wrestling Match:

The Bros: Distrubuted by MegaPlus M

The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil: B.A. Entertainment

Derailed: MCMC Productions

Murderer: Hong Films

Along With the Gods: Realies Pictures and Dexter Studios

Train To Busan: Next Entertainment World

Ninja Assassins
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G.I. Joe:
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– di Bonaventura Pictures
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– Spyglass Entertainment(2009)
– Skydance Productions (2013)
– Skydance Media (2020-present)

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