Boybands Who Won a Grammy: Will BTS Win a Grammy in 2020? What Challenges are BTS Facing ?

BTS and the ARMY are hoping to snag a Grammy nomination for BTS in the 2020 Grammy Awards. BTS’s management company, Big Hit, already submitted their intent to be nominated. Unlike other award giving bodies, Grammy winners are determined by voting. Members of the Academy vote for the winners but membership is by invitation only. BTS and Big Hit Founder and Producer, Bang Si Hyuk are members of the Academy.

Considering there isn’t a good possibility that Music Academy members understand Korean, this already presents a big barrier to BTS’ nomination and win.

The Grammy is also known for snubbing boybands. Watch and listen to an honest assessment of BTS’ chances to win a Grammy award.

Neither Boyz 2 Men nor Milli Vanilli is classified as a boyband but they are the closest to a boyband who won a Grammy. Milli Vanilli was classified as a hiphop duo and Boyz 2 Men is a vocal group. The Beatles started out covering songs of other artists. However, they have fully eclipsed their beginning. Thus, no one calls them a boyband.

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