Objective Analysis & Reaction to Monsta X’s Wonho Debt & Drugs Controversy & Who is Jung Da Eun

Han So Hee is involved in another controversy. This time by association. Her girlfriend, Jung Da Eun accused Wonho of Monsta X of not paying his debt. Wonho denied the allegation but it only prompted Jung Da Eun and Han So Hee to disclose Wonho’s “dark past” including smoking weed and a stint at the Juvenile delinquency center.
Wonho decided to leave Monsta X. Fans are up in arms wanting so much for Wonho to stay.
There are many questions popping up.
Were Wonho and Jung Da Eun living together as a couple?
Was Jung Da Eun already a trans when she was with Wonho?
Was Wonho a habitual weed smoker?
But there is a bigger picture in all these. Behind the accusations and controversies, what does this say about South Korean entertainment and Asian culture.

To sight the petition to reinstate Wonho http://chng.it/nnvtFtdF

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