BTS Didn’t Get a Grammy Nomination: Reaction, ARMY’s Anger, and How It’s Resulting to Good Things

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P.S. I know that many are questioning why even bother with the Grammy and the people voting? Why not ignore them? We need to bother with the Grammy, its members, Americans and other nations who don’t know about BTS because:
1) BTS bothered with us. If BTS didn’t make an effort to reach out to us, we will not know of their music. If BTS felt we are worth reaching out to, then we should never think otherwise of others.
2) Because it’s BTS’ dream. We may not like it but it is their dream. That dream might change down the road but it is now.

I also didn’t say ‘don’t criticize the Grammy’. Criticism, as long as it is informed and constructive, is necessary. I said ‘don’t bash’. ‘Bashing’ is different from ‘Criticizing’.

Now onto the description:

BTS didn’t get a Grammy nomination and the ARMY isn’t happy. It’s a natural reaction. I am sad and disappointed too but what does this mean? Why did BTS didn’t get a Grammy nomination? Given that they might start enlisting next year, will they ever get a chance? Who else were snubbed by the Grammy? What can the ARMY do know to get their chances of getting a nomination better next year?

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