Fat Idols Big Angel Fights for REAL Inclusivity & Why U.S. & Europe Don’t Take Jpop & Kpop Seriously

Asian girl groups are known for being cute, wholesome, and thin and I mean stick thin. If you go one size bigger than a small, you are deemed obese. That’s why plus size women are usually automatically delegated as a comedian because no one can take them seriously.

To date, there has been no plus size female idol or pop star have ever become popular or successful in Korea, Japan and most parts of Asia.

Big Angel is hell bent on changing that. Big Angel is a new girl group from Japan and is composed of plus size women who are confident, talented, beautiful and determined to change the way people look at plus size women and they are taking it a step further. They don’t want plus size women to be a ‘special’ section anymore. Instead, they want plus size women to be treated like regular women because they are.

On a bigger scale, this group is also a good example on how Asian entertainment help in highlighting important social issues but in a language and form that the majority of the public can understand.

Watch and understand more about how Asian culture is reflected in Asian entertainment.

Oh and they want to be called the ‘Fat Idol’. I didn’t choose the word. It’s their choice to be called that, not that I find anything offensive with the word ‘fat’.

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