Should Irene Quit Red Velvet? | Real Story Behind Irene’s Scandal | Gapjil in South Korea

Red Velvet’s Irene was accused of being disrespectful to a stylist. Irene and SM apologized to the stylist and the stylist said she will no longer talk about the incident.

The damage has already been done, though. People are calling for Irene to leave Red Velvet. The truth is that this reflects a bigger issue in South Korea and entertainment industry in general.

There may be three issues here:
– abuse of power
– lack of women representation in positions of authority
– Bullying culture of faceless netizens

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How Irene of Red Velvet’s bullying scandal gives insight into abuse of power in Korean society, not just K-pop, Irene’s actions may reflect the phenomenon of ‘gapjil’ in South Korea, which refers to people in positions of authority abusing or bullying those who aren’t, But the public backlash to the K-pop star may also be a reaction to the lack of dominant women in the South Korean workplace today, Red velvet irene, Irene scandal, kpop diva, kpop attitude, sm entertainment, red velvet leader irene, kpop scandal, red velvet scandal, red velvet irene best moments, defend red velvet irene, real story behind irene scandal, sm entertainment, mamamoo blackface, bruno mars mamamoo

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