Things You Missed In BTS Festa Dinner | Understanding BTS Artistry | BTS Solo Activities

What really happened with Like Crazy on the Billboard Hot 100
Struggles and Victories of Park Jimin:
Struggles and Victories of RM:
Struggles and Victories of Jhope:
Struggles and Victories of Suga/Min Yoongi:
Struggles and Victories of Jin:
Struggles and Victories of V/Kim Taehyung:
10 Reasons BTS JEon Jungkook is the perfect Role Model:
The Underestimated Athleticism of BTS Park Jimin:
The Underestimated Intelligence of BTS Park Jimin:
Worst Disrespects Thrown at BTS and How They Put People In Their Place: How BTS Paved The Way Part 1
How BTS Paved The Way Part 2:
YoonJin a.k.a. SIN: How Min Yoongi & Kim Seokjin Respect, Support, & Love Each Other:
Details of The Harvard School Paper About BTS & Big Hit:
REAL Reason BTS Didn’t Get An Exemption From Military Service:
Objective Explanation on ARMY’s Issue Against Melanie Fontana:
How And Why The West Is Trying To Invalidate BTS, SB19 & Other Asian Artists:
Objective Analysis Suga’s Controversy:
Understanding the business & marketing strategy of BTS:
Who will surpass BTS
The Truth about BTS’ Ownership of Hybe Part 1:
Truth About BTS’ Ownership Of HYBE Part 2:
The Truth about BTS’ Martial arts credentials:
Why BTS Jin, Jhope & RM Sold some of their Hybe stocks:
10 Less known but important facts about BTS Westerners and Baby ARMYs Should know:
How much BTS Suga earns from producing & royalties:
10 Times BTS Were Mistreated or ignored that lead to their global success:
BTS Records That Will Never Be Broken:
7 Intellectual/Intelligently written songs of BTS:
How To calculate Billboard Hot 100:
Why western Media can’t understand ARMY Solidarity:
BTS successful because of Social Media?:
Did BTS Sellout to get to Billboard Hot 100 #1?:
How BTS V / KIM Taehyung Became The Most Influential Korean Celebrity On Instagram:
How BTS’ Chapter 2 Affects Asians Going After The US Market |How BTS Paved The Way For Asian Artists:

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Things you missed in BTS Dinner 2022 | Important Moments in BTS 2022 Festa Dinner

1:01 – #1: How commercial success made them question who they are as a band
5:21 – #2: They never planned on going for Billboard Hot 100 Top spot or the Grammy as they have been accused.
7:39 – #3: The messages/substance of their lyrics, stories in their videos or songs were all deliberate.
8:26 – #4: They are channeling their rebellion to their art
9:32 – #5: Despite their unquestionable impact (artistically and socially), they still don’t want to stop. They still want to grow as artists and grow their message
10:47 – #6: Why are they crying over doing solo activities?
12:57 – #7: THIS is how they in-tune they are with ARMY’s sentiments
14:15 – #8: Proof is for ARMYs, not for billboard, not for casual fans, it’s for ARMYs.
15:04 – #9: What’s wrong with the Kpop industry?
A. They will create a different industry of idols/artists that offer more depth to their art just as they have offered in the last 9 years
B. Give artists a case study that proves artists can take their time between releases and still be relevant.
C. Create a new space in the global music industry where Asian culture is the foundation.

Things you missed in BTS Dinner 2022 | Important Moments in BTS 2022 Festa Dinner
Understanding the artistry of BTS
What is BTS Chapter 2

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