Should Asian Artists Boycott The US? – Creating Asia’s Own Billboard & Grammy

If you are sick of Billboard and Grammy cheating Asian artists of awards we deserve, it’s high time we create our own – an award giving body and ranking system for Asians.

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Asian artists reaching out to the US market is just as natural as Americans reaching out to the Asian market. It’s a business expansion. And no, earning from one’s art is not selling out. It’s about paying your bills and wanting to live a comfortable life and there is nothing wrong with that.

Wanting to win a US-based award or top a US-based chart isn’t selling out either. It is just like winning a competition of a sport another country created.

After all, if there is anything that can unite the world, it would be art.

We don’t NEED the US market but it will be beneficial from a financial perspective to conquer it.

However, it doesn’t mean we should be ok with Asian artists not get the awards, even when it is obvious they are better than their competitors.

It’s not ok when music platforms manipulate their numbers in the guise of accurately tracking trends but refuse to be transparent with their process.

But what we should never negotiable is how they refuse to understand the music, appreciate its technical superiority, unique melody, recognize the poetry in the lyrics, and the beautiful culture, tradition, and values it represents.

But we can’t force them to do it. The same way we can’t force them to give Asian artists and Asian art a space in their country.

And you guys articulated what we all know by now, Asia needs its own ranking system and award giving body.

And that’s what we will do.


A fair ranking system and credible awards giving body for Asia.

The BRIT awards is for UK.
BET is for african american,
Grammy for America

Asia should have its own. Not that there aren’t any attempts to do so. There are MAMA and Asia Artist Awards but only a minority of Asian countries are represented and there are all sort of questions on how winners are decided.

More than that, there are no efforts to give other Asian artists a stage or platform or time to reach the rest of the world the way Billboard is doing it.

There is no institution in Asia that treats Asian artists and Asian art with such nobility the way the Grammy does to American artists.

And that’s what we will create – a fair ranking system and credible awards giving body for Asia.

But getting there isn’t easy. And no 1 person can do it. This needs an army and a lot of money.

And i am just one person, with 2 jobs and a business.. And a dog.

But someone needs to start it. And the reason i started this channel is to share asian culture, music, movies, history… and i finally found a group of people who share that same desire.

You have all been generous with your ideas and support and encouragement. It’s really touching, the message i get via email, Twitter… social media can be rough but i found you and we all want the sme thing.

It’s the push that i need.

I will start it. I don’t know if i will be able to complete the vision but i am willing to start it. Maybe someone else will be able to take it home and that’s great but I still want to give it a try.

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