Unpopular Kpop Opinion: This Will Get Me Cancelled But This Is The Worst Western Influence On Asia

Unpopular Kpop Opinion: This Will Get Me Cancelled But This Is The Worst Western Influence On Asia but SOMEONE HAS TO SAY THIS.

nudity or wearing clothes that barely leave anything covered is not women empowerment. It isn’t even men empowerment.

Pumping, grinding, waping and twerking don’t make you a great performer, regardless of your gender.

And doing it without consideration as to who is watching isn’t freedom of expression. It’s inconsiderate and disrespectful

Because while an artist has the right to express their art anyway they want, the audience also has to right not see anyone’s private part, jiggling behinds and breasts, and watch anyone simulate sex on stage if they don’t want to.

And yes, the audience will not watch if they know that someone is about to do that in their performance. and that is where the problem lies. They just do it and take pleasure in shocking everyone.

And the saddest part of it all is that it is so normalized, so accepted and so widespread that many artists from the west or the east, and female idol groups actually built their entire career around it. and worse, many female artists don’t even realize that that is all they are doing.

Their dance routines are all grinds and pumps, moves designed to make them bend down and show their butts. When they sing about empowerment, somehow it has to involve them spreading their legs or shaking breasts.

ironic don’t you think? women spent decades to emphasize that their body is not all that they have to offer and that’s all they end up showing, their body.

Yes, women are the masters of their own body and no one has the right to tell them what to do with it. However, it doesn’t give them the right to force other people to see or watch it.

Artists have the right to grow their art and express themselves, and if that includes nudity, then they should be left alone to do it.

but it doesn’t give them the right to force their nudity, pumping and grinding on other people.

while they have the right to do what they want with their body, other people have the right to not see other people’s private parts and watch other people simulate sexual moves if they don’t want to.

More importantly, expressing themselves doesn’t give them the right to go naked and twerk and grind in front of children.

If they want their rights respected, they should respect other people’s rights.

Yes, our body aren’t sex objects. It is beautiful and perfect and must be appreciated for what it is, not for the sexual satisfaction it can bring

It is important for girls and young women to be comfortable in their own skin. They need to respect it and honor it.

But nudity isn’t the only way they can honor their body and appreciate it. in fact, we must care for it better than we care for any material thing we possess. kpop fans won’t let anyone touch their idols’ photo cards, they keep it, protect it, and only allow certain people to see it.

how can we then be so careless with our own body. we must be more protective of it, be careful of it. While any material possession may be worth millions, our body is unique and priceless.

A true artist is prolific.

I am a believer that there is a place for nudity. there is an appropriate time to grind pump twerk and wap.

the schindler’s list.

But when all you do is the same thing, grind, pump, twerk, wap, and go naked, you have to ask yourself whether you really have something else to offer. are you still the great artist you want people to believe with your clothes?

More importantly, young girls and women should know that there are better ways to explore their artistry and express themselves. that nudity, lewdness and simulating sexual acts in their dance routing don’t make them cool,or powerful or brave, or artists.

Our body is a vessel

More importantly they should know that their body is a sacred vessel that they need to take care of because it is theirs and it is the only one that they will ever have. it is a vessel that will allow them to do great things pursue their passion the work travel paint touch the people they love, hug their family tight, scratch the belly of their dog. write. Engineer create cars design buildings construct houses

so they have to treat it with respect . to treat it with more respect than they would anything else they possess.

Kpop fans treat the photo cards of their biases like it’s the monalisa. never allowing anyone to touch it, putting it in an expensive and beautiful binder. allowing only a select number of people to see it, let alone touch it.

our body is more important than photo cards and cds. we must treat it with greater care. if you won’t allow just anyone to touch your biases’ photocards, why let just about anyone touch your body?

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