YouTubers Making Money Out Of Artists – Who’s The Clout Chaser, The Real Critics, The Hater?

We’re going to discuss the different types of YouTubers, specifically those who make money by discussing Asian artists like BTS, SB19, and others.

Watch this video to learn how to differentiate clout chasers, real critics, and fake fans and how each of those could help or harm our favorite artists.

Social media, youtube, and others are important in marketing. We need to support real critics who aim to challenge and elevate art and stop supporting clout chasers who has no real appreciation for Asian talents and only want to make money out of BTS, SB19, and other Asian talents.

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We constantly complain about how Western media don’t take Asian artists seriously… but it’s actually the many fans that fuel and encourage this behavior.

In an ideal world,

We should never pay attention to haters or support those who expose or speculate about people’s private lives, no matter how harmless it may seem.
We should support fair, objective, and intelligent critics and art analysts that talk about the value of the art like songs, movies, performances, and others.

Instead, what many fans do is engage with haters, hype up those who invade other people’s privacy and trigger speculations about an artists’ personal matters

Then they ignore fair, objective and intelligent critics and those who spend their time highlighting the artistic value of Asian artists.

You can just look at twitter and youtube as an example. The most viewed videos are those who talk about “ships”, videos recorded without permission on their private time, and videos talking about artists’ private lives.

This needs to stop. Mainstream media and social media are important factors in promoting Asian artists on the global stage. And if we aren’t willing to create content to help promote Asian artists, we should at least support the right ones.

Here are 10 Ways To Differentiate Critics, Haters, Fake Fans, And Legit Art Journalists.


Artist or no artist, when you talk, you don’t simply want to be heard and seen, you want to be understood. And understanding the meaning of your words is enough either, it is the meaning of your words and actions put together that should come across.

That is no different for an artist.

When they make music, music videos, movies, tv shows, and others, we should make an effort to understand what the art is about. Any decent journalist or art critic will make an effort to pull back and look beyond the glitz, glamor, and all that shimmer.

If all you hear are all ooohhhsss and aahss or expressions of disgust with no effort to really understand the full picture, it means there is a lack of respect towards the intention of the artist. They are either there for the clout, merely hating, or fake critics.


When someone says “she is a lazy dancer” with a slowmo or clip of an artist dancing, that is an unsubstantiated claim. For you to know what lousy dancing is, you need to know what good dancing is.

If someone says they are lip syncing, they should prove it from a technical and practical perspective.

If they say the story is a cliche, they need to back it up with previous stories that used the same plot points, developments, and other elements.

Receipts. Substantiation. Proof. Call it by any name you want, but every claim must be proven.


If there is anything the artist and the critic should have in common, it’s the love of the art. The end goal of the criticism is to make things better for all people involved, the artist, the fans and the industry in general.

If the criticism intends to change the art to something else or insist on certain agendas instead of concentrating on how to make the art or artist better, they aren’t promoting the art, they are promoting their agenda or themselves.


How many review or reaction videos are there who don’t really say anything about the music video, performance, movie, or even interviews? They just clap, jump, let out expressions of amazements or disgust and then ask you to donate.

Although there is nothing wrong with simply enjoying a movie or music video or interviews or performances, we should also put more importance in elevating the appreciation for the art.

If someone is really interested in the artistry, they will spot details speculators won’t bother noticing.

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