Why #spotifyplaylist Shouldn’t Count Towards The Charts | Playlisting Is Payola?

Spotify’s playlsting is the in cusp of becoming the next payola. This is what Spotify and Billboard should do to avoid that from happening without taking away the opportunity of labels and artists to promote their artists.

Let us understand Spotify’s algorithm and how it is being used to manipulate the charts.

How fans could stop manipulation of the billboard charts

Did Hybe pay for Spotify Playlist to push New Jeans to Billboard Hot 100?
New Jeans entered Billboard Hot 100. Many kpop fans think that it’s because of playlisting. New Jeans’ OMG and Ditto were included in many playlists which boosted the streams and helped in Billboard Hot 100 ranking.

In this video, I am discussing how playlisting helps songs get more streams and get into Billboard’s Hot 100 charts. I am also discussing what are the similarities and differences between Payola and Playlisting.

Is it fair the Spotify is partnering with artists and labels to promote their artists?

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#Spotify Playlisting: What You Need to Know About Billboard’s New Ad Purchasing Program

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