Asian Pop Music: What Do Boybands From India Sound & Look Like? Band of Boys, Sanam, Pan!c, Voicez

You all know about BTS, Mamamoo, OneOkRock, AKB48, TPop, CPop but we barely mention music from India, Malaysia, Pakistan, UAE, and other Asian countries. Aren’t you curious what ‘pop’ in India, Malaysia, Dubai, Vietname, and other Asian countries look and sound like?

I am not well immersed in these countries but I still find it interesting to get to know them because it gives us a perspective on how Asian music differs from country to country or how they are similar. More importantly, it gives us a glimpse on how culture, traditions, politics, and religious beliefs influence music trends.

India, for example, is open to Western influence but it doesn’t mean they adapt it to their culture and music the way Korea has. As a result, ‘pop’ in India is still very much grounded on traditional Indian music, with long sustained notes and rhythm that goes up and down fast.

However, they are slowly fusing traditional Indian sound with Western sound and it is developing a niche market, majority of which is the young. With more and more Indians traveling, studying abroad and making trade in Western market, they’re musical taste is evolving.

It is not doing so as fast as Korea has but they are slowly getting there. Watch the video and get to know some Indian pop bands and listen to their sound.

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Featured Indian Boybands are:
– A Band of Boys
– Colonial Cousins
– Sanam
– Pan!c
– Voicez

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